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Final Deliverable


Bungee is an app designed to aggregate short, creative workout videos and help users to encourage their friends to stay active by issuing challenges and sharing clips.

Bungee was modeled after Pocket Gym, but we reworked it to provide a more intuitive layout, a stronger focus on providing users with personalized content, and more sharing options for users.

In testing, users found Bungee easy to use, unique, and were able to complete tasks quickly. Users enjoyed the sleek design, thought the available filter options were different and helpful, and felt the social features were engaging.

Filter Content to Personalize

Unique and fun fitness challenges are posted to the platform by members and made readily available to watch or share. Users can filter options, search specific users or challenges, and sort through challenges.

Send Challenges to Friends

Challenges can be sent to friends internally on the app or externally. Users are prompted to complete challenges shared to them and challenge others.

Easy In-App Recording

Users can record their challenges straight from the app, which gives users the option of hands-free recording. Afterwards, users can edit their video clip and post their challenge video to their profile or send the challenge to friends.