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Project Learnings

Understand What You’re Working With

The main challenge here was that this was a very high-level project that was condensed into four weeks. We were working with complex technology that was completely new to us, such as IoT tracking technology and smart cameras.

We found that in this situation, it was important for us to conduct thorough research into these technologies. Our team continued to build upon our knowledge of the technology we were working with throughout our design process so that we could make more informed design decisions. This wasn’t always convenient or easy, but it was absolutely necessary to reach our final design.

Think Fast!

After conducting our initial round of user interviews, our team realized that our findings mainly reflected an older demographic with extremely limited experience with contactless payment services. We worried that these limited insights would hinder our ability to produce a good solution, but we didn’t have enough time to conduct more interviews.

We decided to create a last-minute survey and send it out on as many platforms as we could, and thank God we did because it yielded invaluable responses. Our survey hit over 100 responses overnight, with the majority of the responders being millennials or younger. So, although we couldn’t interview more users, we still had some insight into the habits of younger consumers. Had we not acted fast, we would have missed our chance.