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Final Deliverable

Panera Bread Drive-Thru App

In our final design, our team addressed the critiques we received during our initial prototype testing and we honed in on the aspects that we found users liked most.

With this service, users’ phone IDs would be detected through IoT once they entered the Panera Bread drive-thru. Once they placed their order at the mic, they would get a push notification on their phone to confirm the payment or review their order.

Users would also have the option of confirming the payment in a rich push notification for convenience sake.

Utilizing Push Notifications

We gave users the option of confirming the payment for their order through a push notification. With this function, customers don't even need to unlock their phones to pay for their orders.

This cuts down on the transaction time significantly which is both better for business and safer for our customers, who don’t want to linger on their phones while behind the wheel.

Giving Users Options

Giving users the option to view their order and store their receipts within the app gives them a sense of control and comfort.

Users can also pay quickly and easily once they’ve opened their order. This option eliminates the need for the first payment window in the drive-thru and reduces the time it takes to complete the transaction.